Feeling better by spending time in nature

Hello again, my previous post was more on the heavy side of things. So this week a post on the lighter side. To balance it out 🙂

My favourite place

This week, I went to my favourite place, the beach. Which luckily happens to be very close to my house. There is something about the vastness and the feeling of space there, that straight away relaxes me.

As soon as I glimpse the sea all my worries seem to fade away. When my feet touch the sand something loosens in my chest and I can breathe more fully. The sound of the waves hitting the sand combined with the feeling of sunlight (if I’m lucky) on my skin and I feel instantly lighter. As I walk along the water, somehow the world seems filled with possibilities. All your senses are filled with the beach. The sound of the waves, the scent of the sea, the feeling of sand at your feet and the wind on your face. It unwinds me and I get inspired to do things again. I can get the same feeling of possibilities, relaxation and space when I’m standing on top of a mountain (which probably is a very large hill) or in a park.

Scientifically proven

Living in a city can be overwhelming. Everyone is always in a hurry and distractions await at every street corner. Being in nature helps grounding me. But don’t take my word for it. Research has found that being or even just seeing nature, truly has all sorts of positive effects. Physical effects such as reducing blood pressure, muscle tension and the production of stress hormones. As well as mental effects. It can distract from pain and discomfort and also improve your mood.

Not too easy

Spending time outdoors is like taking free medication. The funny thing is that even knowing this, I still have to convince myself to actually go. I mean reading is also relaxing and chores are always waiting to be done. As I step out of my front door, I’m still debating whether or not I will actually go all the way to the beach. Which technically is not far at all. Luckily the first glimpse of the sea makes it worth all the hassle.

So is being on the beach truly relaxing? Well it is for about an hour. Two if I’m very lucky. Any longer and the sound of the waves, the feeling of the wind and the presence of other people becomes too much. But if I leave when I still want to be there, I’ll have some energy left. I can go home and write down all my new ideas and still feel rejuvenated.

Even though I can abide it for a limited time, I love going there. Knowing how the feeling of nature and space relaxes me, I know to make sure that wherever I go on holiday, there is always water or a large hill nearby. Medication on the road. 🙂

Do you have a favourite place to go to and recharge? Do you have to convince yourself to spent time outdoors?

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