Tips for finding adventure in your daily life

finding adventure in your daily life

Blink twice and another week has passed by, or so it feels. At certain times, it feels like time is just flying away. You can get lost in daily tasks and concerns, but when you stand still for a moment you’ll suddenly realize that summer is almost upon us.

Being more present

I regularly get lost in different pursuits and forget to enjoy the moment. I’d be caught up with worrying over things yet to come, or things that already have happened. All the while completely forgetting to be present in the ‘now’. Each time, I’ll tell myself to live more consciously. As I often feel like I’m living weekend to weekend or worse from holiday to holiday.

Naturally, you don’t achieve anything by constantly being somewhere else in your mind. No matter how much you worry over what is yet to come, it won’t change a thing. The same applies to constantly reliving the past. It will only make you more anxious and probably doesn’t help with thinking kindly of yourself or others. It does however, pass the time and before you know it another day has passed you by.

Time and energy

But well, how do you try to be more present? How to see the working days not just as an obstacle to overcome on your way to the weekend?

By now you’ll probably be thinking of meditation of mindfulness. And yes, you can absolutely use these to practice your mind to be more present in the moment. So do try. I simply can’t seem to make it a daily or even weekly habit. Nevertheless I still want to be more present and enjoy my day.

After all, we don’t have any guarantee of what will come. We’ve probably all experienced the vulnerability of life. We might be planning things for the future, but we don’t have any certainty of things going as planned. Why then, wouldn’t we enjoy today? I’m writing this also to inspire myself and hopefully change my habits. I easily get caught up in the daily routine, but doing so does makes the days all blur together.

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Starting small

As time and energy are limiting factors, I decided to try and find adventure in my daily life. Breaching habits by making small changes, trying out new things and hopefully regaining my sense of wonder again.

In case you’re willing to try as well (and are able), I’ll present to you my eight tips to find adventure in your daily life:

  1. Try taking another route to work/school/supermarket/appointment
    Explore and discover your own surroundings. Who knows, you might come across nice quiet streets, hidden parks or suddenly see a different side of your neighbourhood.
  1. Change your eating habits
    Start with your dessert for a change and then have your main course. Or eat your warm meal for lunch and your sandwiches in the evening. See how it makes you feel.
  1. Do something you liked doing as a child
    Jumping into puddles or into the waves of the sea, getting on a swing or walking barefooted through the grass. Feel that sense of joy again and relax.
  1. Make a want-to-do-list
    Instead of writing down all the things that have to be done, write down the things you would like to do, but keep putting off. When you have time and energy use hat list for inspiration.
  1. Step out of you comfort zone
    Get in touch with someone you haven’t spoken in a while, tell someone how you really are or sit on a (quiet) terrace by yourself. It might feel a bit scary, but you might be pleasantly surprised.
  1. Learn something new
    There are endless instruction videos on YouTube. From hair to cooking and from crafts to learning an instrument. Try something you always wanted to try and maybe you’ll find a hidden talent!
  1. Change your perspective
    Put your pillow at the other side of the bed or move your chair to the other side of the room and you’ll see your house through different eyes.
  1. Try something new
    Get something new from the supermarket, a kind of fruit or vegetable or exotic product that you’ve never tried. You can find influences from different countries and cultures in the supermarket, thus providing an opportunity to broaden your horizons

Get out of you daily routines, step into the unknown and have a mini adventure at home!

Do you have ideas or tips to add or have you already tried some of these?

4 Replies to “Tips for finding adventure in your daily life”

  1. Evie you are a genius. Your list is brilliant and shining.

    Practicing meditation and regaining a sense of wonder is critical. For me it is my practice. Trying new stuff though… that is challenge!

    Children just try stuff and if it didn’t work out they cry and move on. If it did work out they laugh and then they move on. Either way they move on. That is a great recovery goal

    1. *blushes* thank you for your nice words!

      Meditation is still on my “things I should do” list 🙂 I’m inspired by your practice of meditation and sense of wonder, and that you been able to turn those into a habit!

      Completely agree with the recovery goal of moving on. 🙂

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