Why I think you are awesome

you're awesome

I hope that while you were reading the title you nodded and thought “I already knew I was awesome, but thanks for the acknowledgement”. If that was the case, good on you! But I expect that most of us think in less positive terms about ourselves. Sure, there are things we can do well, but to say that we’re awesome…

See the good

We can probably all list the things that we would rather change about ourselves. The question is whether you choose to focus on your (perceived) shortcomings or on the things you’ve accomplished and excelled in.

Think back at the last time when someone paid you a compliment How did you react? Did you leave it with a simple “thank you” or did you went on by saying “but,…”? I know that I find it really hard to stop after saying “thanks”. Which is a strange habit. When someone values something that you have done, why would you want to dismiss yourself?

We should be writing these compliments down. That way, whenever we struggle with seeing our own value, we have a physical reminder to pull us through. So I will say it one more time, I think you are awesome.

For the critical minds among us, no, I don’t need to know you personally to say and think this. And I’ll explain why.

Why you’re awesome

If you’re reading this, chances are that you have a brain injury (or other illness or disability) yourself, or that you know someone who has.

When you associate with the latter, first off I think it’s great that you’re reading this. That you’ve taken the time to gain some understanding on what it means to live with a disability. Our society needs more awareness on this topic. As we need people like you to encourage us, to support us and who believe in us. Which is why I think it’s awesome that you’re reading this.

No matter your health situation, we all have our own limits. Life isn’t a bed of roses with only rainbows and puppies. We all face our own insecurities and obstacles. Yet every day we choose to try again. Hoping that today will be better than yesterday. Hoping that today we will be a better partner, parent, friend, colleague or neighbour. Doesn’t that makes us awesome? I think it does.

If you’ve had to learn to live with a disability or illness, do you realize how strong you are? Just by getting up each and every day and trying to recognize where your limits are. All those times when you had to say “no” to the things you would have loved to do. To keep going, that’s awesome and  takes courage. Which doesn’t mean it’s easy. But I hope you can see your own strength.

Even when you struggle with finding the right words;
when you can only cry due to sensory overload;
when you are angry and sad as you want to do so much more;
when you spent the day lying under the covers;
when you don’t have the strength to go outside;
when you judge yourself.

Even then, I still think you are awesome. It’s okay not to be okay. These moments don’t make you any less. They make you human.

Am I awesome?

Sometimes it’s easier to say nice things to others than to yourself. Helping others can even be much easier than helping yourself. But if we think more kindly about ourselves, doesn’t that also help others? Couldn’t we handle more when we are more conscious of our inner strength? If we dare to find ourselves worthy just the way we are? Perhaps it might even make the world a little kinder.

I want to find myself awesome, just the way I am. If I see the awesomeness in others, shouldn’t I be able to recognise these traits in myself as well? Whenever I struggle with this in the future, I now have a post that will serve as a reminder.

We are awesome.

reminder you're awesome

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