Welcome to my site! Here I’ll blog about living with a brain injury.

The accident

In my late twenties, I sustained a traumatic brain injury as a result of a traffic accident. In the blink of an eye, my life changed dramatically. I spend multiple days in the hospital, moved back in with my parents for half a year and followed an out-patient rehabilitation programme for over a year. After two years I was finally able to start working again.

Looking for information

Very early on, I started searching for information on living with a brain injury. But I found that most books and articles, were about people at different stages of their lives or who couldn’t return to work. That was when the idea of a blog first popped up. However, I was still too unsure. Would anyone even read it?

As time passed by I kept realising that a brain injury, what it is and the what the life long effects can be, was severely unknown to the general public. This still baffles me, especially considering the numbers. In the UK, every 1:30 minutes a person is admitted to a hospital with a brain injury (!).

So the idea of a blog came back. Maybe talking about my injury would help to create more understanding.

The start of the blog

And so, almost four years after the accident, I finally decided to give it a try. As long as one person who reads this gains more understanding in a loved one with a brain injury or if it gives a little bit of hope to someone who just realized the extent of their injury, than this blog has been worth it!

– Evie

ps. As you probably notice, this is a brand new site. Over time I plan to add more text and pages, so don’t forget to come back later.